Hi, I’m Caz

I am a digital designer from Hertfordshire, UK. I am a huge music & movie fan so I decided to combine those passions with my love for creating videos and motion graphics.

Caz Reason - Founder

I have been attending events of all kinds in the music and film industry for many years. I have also worked at gigs selling merchandise. A few years ago I even had the amazing opportunity to work for the Symphonic Metal band, Sirenia, on tour around Europe. If you see me at an event, come and say hello.

For the Love of Horror Con

I attended For the Love of Horror in Manchester on 12th November 2023. 

Fiona Dourif

Nica in Cult & Curse of Chucky plus the series.

Brad Dourif

The voice of Chucky, Charles Lee Ray

Alyssa Sutherland

Ellie in Evil Dead Rise

I have been creating videos and websites for about 20 years. It started as a hobby and in 2008 I attended University to study Digital Graphics. I created my first music video as part of my degree. It was a song I had written the lyrics for called ‘My Burden’. In 2021 I recreated it as an animated lyric video with the original footage.

I found a love for creating lyric videos in 2016 when I helped a friends band with their video. Having a passion for writing lyrics myself, I love being able to delve into the subject of each song I work on and create a video that represents the theme & sound.

Some of my clients include the Scottish based band “The Fall of Eve”, London based band “Serpentyne”, American based band “Splintered Throne” and Dutch songwriter & music producer, Sander Gommans.

Chucky Box