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Website Design:

Advertise your music, music video's, photos, showreels and much more with a bespoke HTML or Wordpress Website

A Wordpress website gives you the option to update it yourself. I can build the website and you can update certain parts of the website such as the gallery and any text. If you would like to leave the creation and updating in my hands then I can either stick with Wordpress or create a bespoke HTML website. Below is a list of everything else included: Hosting, Domain name, SEO, Web Graphics, Mobile version, Free Homepage PDF Layout (try before you buy).

Lyric Videos & Album Teasers:

A lyric video is an important tool in any bands promotion. it's a way of releasing a song without the costs of hiring a camera crew to film a full music video. From having friends in a band I know sometimes in the run up to an album release it is good to have a number songs out and filming a music video for each one might not always be possible.

Here are my options for lyric videos:
I can create a full lyric video like the Breathe Again video by Angel Nation.
Or I animate lyrics over footage you already have (I can also edit this footage if required) like Do It Anyway also by Angel Nation.

Album teasers.
I have 2 options for album teasers. The first is a basic album cover, song titles with each song highlighted as it plays through. The 2nd option is a more complex video such as the Angel Nation teaser video, this is a good way of keeping a viewers entertained and can give them a small insight into the band's life and recording process. All of this builds to a better overall promotion for you as a band

The examples mentioned can be viewed on my portfolio page.


Every actor needs a showreel. Send me your films, your television appearances and/or your stage appearances I'll cut them into a professional HD showreel. With the option of having an intro, outro or just going straight into the showreel. I also provide the option for an audio reel if that if required.